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2020 Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony at Storey Park

26 Jan 2020

Welcoming people who become Australian citizens is one of the privileges and joys of my role as an MP. This year I attended Hornsby Council’s Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony at Storey Park Community Centre in Asquith and had the opportunity to speak on the values of mateship, sacrifice, generosity and spirit of service which I believe set Australia apart from other nations.

After almost nine years of being a member of parliament, one thing never gets old: the buzz of witnessing dozens of people from every corner of the globe pledging allegiance to their new homeland on Australia Day.

These citizenship ceremonies are positively brimming with pride. The pride of people who have worked hard to secure citizenship of our nation.

The pride of their family, friends and sponsors, cheering them on and welcoming them in.

And the pride of onlookers like myself, who are reminded in very up-close-and-personal terms that the country we are lucky to live in is so great that people will make extraordinary sacrifices to come here to make a better life for themselves and their children.

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