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Community Recognition Statement – 1st Cherrybrook Girl Guides

24 Oct 2019

Girl Guides Australia is one of the fantastic organisations that keep our communities strong. And the 1st Cherrybrook Girl Guides in my electorate is a case in point.

In their own words: “We provide girls with opportunities to grow, learn and have fun in relevant and meaningful ways. We provide a foundation for girls and young women to be the best that they can be and harness their individual potential to make a difference. We foster personal character based on our values of respect and collaboration to engender leadership qualities.”

These are sentiments I wholeheartedly support.

Girl Guides Australia has operated for more than one hundred years and in that time they have sought to bring out the best in our girls and produce quality female leaders. Cherrybrook Guides were recently successful in securing a NSW Government Community Building Partnership grant for a brand-new kitchen which will be used for expert cooking classes and event preparation. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone associated with the Guiding Movement in Cherrybrook, and in particular thanks to District Manager Cathy Yu for your hard work and determination in guiding our Girl Guides to become Australia’s future leaders.

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