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Hawkesbury City Council Should Get Back To Basics, Says Perrottet

10 Aug 2016

Member for Hawkesbury Dominic Perrottet MP has slammed Hawkesbury City Council for last night passing a motion in favour of same-sex marriage and potentially diverting scarce council resources to actively campaign for marriage equality.

At a meeting in the Hawkesbury last night, the Council resolved to support marriage equality, oppose the Federal Government’s proposed plebiscite and consider allocating council time and resources to assist the gay marriage campaign.

“Whatever your position on this issue, this is exactly the kind of decision that upsets, frustrates and angers the local community,” said Mr Perrottet.

“Instead of making symbolic interventions into federal issues, Hawkesbury City Council should get the basics right – lowering rates, delivering services and addressing the infrastructure backlog.

“The total lack of financial accountability beggars belief. Only last month the Council wrote to me requesting millions of dollars in extra government funding for services, yet today we find they apparently have enough ratepayer dollars to slosh around on ideological campaigns they have no mandate to meddle in.”

“It also shows the Council completely lacks the focus to deal with the issues ratepayers actually pay them to deal with – roads, rubbish and rates.

“If councillors have time to indulge in campaigns on peripheral federal matters, I think the ratepayers of Hawkesbury would like to know why they don’t have time to address the basics, like the $100m of unprocessed development applications they are sitting on, choking the local economy.”

Mr Perrottet said the Council’s action was divisive and unnecessary.

“This Council decision was completely out of step with the views of people of Hawkesbury,” he said.

“Hawkesbury City Council should spend less time on marriage equality and more time on services equality.”

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