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Statement on St Albans Common

7 Nov 2016

For over 160 years, the St Albans Common has been in the hands of local community and played an important role in bringing our community together.

Yesterday I held a meeting with members of the St Albans Common group and the Macdonald Valley Association, regarding their concerns of the potential impacts the proposed Crown lands Management Bill would have on the Common.

After this meeting, I spoke personally to Minister Niall Blair and communicated the concerns of the community.

Following this conversation, Minister Blair has agreed to remove the section of the legislation that would have affected St Albans Common, and conduct further public consultation with them.

As a government, we have an obligation to better manage Crown land for the benefit of the people of this state.

But we will always recognise and acknowledge the unique social, economic, environmental and cultural heritage benefits of St Albans Common.

Photo credit: Doug Becker

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