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Community Recognition Statement – Mary Jo Reeve

4 May 2021

I would like to pay tribute to Mary Jo Reeve of Beecroft, who passed away on 25 January 2021. She was a fine citizen and made an outstanding contribution to the Beecroft community over many decades. Mary Jo’s legacy was honoured in 2005 by Hornsby Shire Council with a commemorative plaque, recognising the time she gave to beautify and maintain Booth Park in Beecroft.

Formally a neglected area of land for dumping and rubbish, Mary Jo cared for Booth Park, spending countless hours over many years transforming the park into a suburban oasis. Mary Jo also cared for those who made use of the park, keeping a watchful motherly eye. She would supply afternoon tea for children playing in the park and on one occasion, noticed a young person, depressed and despondent. She approached them approached them and found out that they could see no reason for living and were contemplating suicide.

She was able to care for them, talk them through their concerns, and encourage them with a new perspective on life. Mary Jo’s life has left a lasting impression on the local community, and especially her family and friends. She will be greatly missed.

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